The market is held at Soda Springs Park every Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm starting June 22nd through October 5th.

The Manitou Community Market (MCM) is a new, small scale summer farmer’s market designed to provide a place for the community to share fresh, healthy and local food products, arts and crafts, and talent in a family friendly atmosphere. The market features produce, value-added food products, cottage food products, arts and crafts, non-profit organization tables, community tables, live music, and visiting animals. The MCM is a project of the Manitou Art Center.

This idea was planted as a seed in 2015 during the pilot MCM project developed to address the lack of access to local food in Manitou, and respond to a growing desire from residents to participate in the creation of local food streams. Local access to healthy food is an important issue for many Manitoids. Six events in 2015 were met with success and energetic enthusiasm from the community as the seedling began to grow. 2016 was a year to nurture, fertilize, and mature as we turned this idea into a full-season summer market with thirteen events. 2017 is poised for our best year yet with a longer season and a better location!

The market cannot be a success without the support and energy of all of you in the community. The market managers always welcome feedback, perspectives, and new ideas. Please reach out to us if you’d like to help make this market even better!